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810 South Fourth Street
Waco, TX 76706

(254) 753-5166

A foundation that preserves and showcases four historic house museums and hosts multiple educational opportunities throughout the year.


5 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall Lecture

Historic Waco

1. The Lecturer: Dr. Michael Parrish is a Bowers Professor of American history at Baylor University.  At Baylor he teaches courses on Texas History, the Civil War, and Religion & War in U.S. History. Dr. Parrish earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin where he also worked as a Research Archivist at the LBJ Library and Museum, as well as, teaching in their history department. He is also the author and editor of several books on the Civil War and Southern History. 

2. The Topic: Turbulent Times, Tremendous Growth: Waco's Remarkable Rise after the Civil War. Come hear about how Waco grew after the Civil War in the 19th century and those factors transformed Waco into one of the 20th century leading cities. What you hear may surprise you! 

3. The Location: Lee Lockwood Library and Museum. Built in 1967, this beautiful building is the home to three floors of exhibits focusing around Freemasonry in Europe, North America, and Texas. The beautiful building alone is a reason to come to this lecture. 

4. The Price: FREE. Yes, that is correct. The price for this amazing, can't miss lecture is Free! Zilch, Nothing, Zip, Zero!!

5. It's better than anything on television: Put down those remotes and hit record. There is nothing but re-runs on the television nowadays so don't be a couch potato and come out for the night. You will not only be learning something but also be surrounded by others who share a similar interest. The conversation will be one to remember!